Team Transformation
Readiness Quiz

Hello and welcome to the DCE!

Some of you may already be familiar with the DCE — the Discovery Centre for Entrepreneurship and the work we do. For others, this is your first time with us. Regardless, we want to welcome you to this opportunity to help shape the culture of your workplace. We recognize that the success of any organization lies in the collective experiences, perspectives, and feelings of the people associated with it.

In this quiz, we’ve crafted a collection of multiple-choice and open-ended questions that encourage you to share your genuine thoughts about your company dynamics. We believe your feedback is a valuable compass, guiding us to understand what is working well and where the company can strive for improvement. Your insights will be the building blocks for a more cohesive, supportive, and rewarding work environment.

We want to assure you that this quiz is a safe space—an environment where you can express your experiences openly and honestly. Your responses will be treated with complete confidentiality, and we are committed to using your input constructively. Our goal is not just to assess, but to enhance and evolve your workplace based on your valuable input.

My name is Tana Plewes. I’m the Senior Advisor here.

As you embark on this quiz, consider it as your canvas to paint a picture of your workplace experience. Your perceptions matter, and the team at the DCE and I are eager to listen, learn, and grow together.

Thank you for your participation, and for being an integral part of the ongoing journey to make your company an even better place to work.

This quiz will take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. When you are ready, preferably sitting at a computer where you can type comfortably, click the green button below to get started.

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