Transform your community from the inside out.

The Discovery Centre for Entrepreneurship fosters the development of lifelong skills to achieve sustainable business growth. From emerging entrepreneurs to established businesses, we nurture the untapped talents in your community and help them thrive.

Measurable, meaningful wins for your business community

Community economic developers see direct benefits when their business community works with DCE:

Free tool for Community Economic Developers

Struggling to build more impactful relationships with your local businesses with limited resources? Download our CED Conversation Starters – meaningful questions to help you gain deeper insights around the operational & structural challenges local businesses are facing. 

Our approach

Community economic development challenges are unique and deserve more than a one-size-fits-all approach. DCE facilitates a two-way dialogue with participants, giving them a say in how the foundation of their business can be strengthened. 

Our tools and workplace-based training create environments that work for everyone: customers, employees, suppliers and lenders. When systems thinking meets effective leadership, it guides business process improvement and results in: 

  • More revenue generation
  • Sustainable employee retention
  • Improved company culture
  • Optimized operational efficiency
  • The ability to scale teams and service offerings
Two businesswomen writing on a whiteboard

The power of shared vision

Critical thinking skills empower employees to ‘think like an owner’. They create diverse teams that can work together on solutions and leverage their unique talents for the betterment of all. 

When everyone on the team is united in the skillset of systems thinking, there’s nothing your community can’t achieve together. 

Our goal is to ensure more of the businesses in your community meet our Conditions of Readiness for optimized growth. 

About Partners in Possibility

Thriving communities are led by businesses with solid core values.  As part of our facilitation process, we introduce Partners in Possibility to our communities. 

Partners in Possibility are trailblazing business leaders who commit to our Code of Honor and meet our Conditions of Readiness. These commitments provide a roadmap for sustaining a clear vision for growth and ensure principled, high-value business operations. 

When you have a group of business leaders committed to Partners in Possibility, you have a foundation to grow and sustain economic prosperity. It’s a network that’s rooted in hard-working people empowered by systems-leadership . 

Our work at DCE is to facilitate the discovery and connection of local businesses to forge  Partners in Possibility. 

Let’s discover what’s possible. Together.

Meet Your Facilitator

Hi, I'm Tana Plewes.

I’m an author, senior advisor, and facilitator at The Discovery Centre for Entrepreneurship.

When our team works with new businesses and communities, we look for local trailblazers who can spark the flame of innovation and change among their peers. They’re often hiding in plain sight. 

30+ years of pioneering systemic change in projects spanning labour market development, business retention and expansion, youth empowerment, and regional economic development has taught me that every community has the human catalysts it needs to create and sustain meaningful growth.

It doesn’t come from a survey. It comes from the people working together on the ground to move past assessment and into implementation. You can only discover the potential through collaborative dialogue that focuses on human dynamics. You can only create real change by doing the work – together.

At DCE, we bring the tools and entrepreneurial talent to empower participants to meet the challenges of putting structures into action. 

You have trailblazers in your community who are ready to optimize their operational workflows, nurture company culture, and increase revenue, creating rippling social and economic benefits for your community.  Systems-leadership skills can empower your local business leaders as trailblazers with hands-on guidance to achieve their goals. 

And the best part? Once in place, it’s community-sustained. An orientation in systems-leadership impacts a community economically, culturally, and personally. Participants have the toolset to carry systems-thinking forward in actionable ways to and build upon their success year after year. 

Watch the effect spread like wildfire. Watch your community come together as in Partners in Possibility.

Tana Plewes Headshot

Find us on SAP Ariba

What is SAP Ariba?

SAP Ariba is a procurement tool for the provision of professional services below the NAFTA threshold. The Government of Canada now uses the SAP Business Network Trading Partner Portal as its globally integrated procurement solution.

Why does it matter?

DCE’s senior advisor has been vetted and prequalified as a supplier in twelve (12) professional service categories defined by ProServices. Many provincial and municipal governments across Canada also access the federal government’s e-portal for professional services requirements below $100,000. As a supplier we can be found through both Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) for the provision of Non-Informatics Professional Services and the Centralized Professional Services System (CPSS).

What our community partners are saying

Tana is a 'bright light.' Her work is highly competent and professional, and her team strives to understand and achieve objectives and expectations.
Quotation icon
Chief of Recreational Fisheries
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Tana has a unique ability to integrate many of our existing tools with new resources to create a solution-oriented process that meets the diverse needs and expectations of the business community.
Quotation icon
Economic Developer
Tana's work ethic, optimism, and a 'can do' attitude are highly contagious and a welcome change from some of the other firms we have worked with.
Quotation icon
Economic Developer

Here to Help you Succeed

We know you’re busy. You’ve got a full calendar. And there’s still so much you want to see brought to life for your community.

Whether you’re looking to engage your community in:

  • driving tourism
  • attracting or grow a workforce
  • nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit
  • equipping local businesses with the tools to empower growth

We have the tools and experience to help.

Bring DCE to your business community, and see a real-world change that brings out the best in people. Start with the folks you know. There is greatness all around you.

“Just wanted to let you know that the members of the EDC really liked the report! I don't think I have seen them quite this excited before. One of them had a copy with more highlighting in it than I could have imagined!
They have asked, as a next step, to allow more time at their next meeting to look over the strategies and prioritize for themselves what to do next. Also a VERY good sign.”
Great work! Thanks again.

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