Part Three: Systems Leadership

Systems leadership is an essential skill for everyone in business today who wants to be in business tomorrow.

Steps 5 and 6 in The Possibility Process are the icing on the cake. This is where most people want to start – “Just give me a magic bullet and send me on my way”. Unfortunately, quick fixes and bandaid solutions don’t work when you’re dealing with human beings.

New behaviour and systems that truly serve emerge with ease when you’ve done the work within yourself, and established new ways of communicating and operating within your team. At this point anything is possible!

It’s at this stage that you and your people are capable of sitting together on the same side of the table to design, build, launch, and grow an enterprise that is truly extraordinary. One that makes a positive and profound impact on the world.

Money should never be the target. It is simply a form of measurement for a job well done. Profit is the RESULT of a truly well-designed business doing what it does best – solving other peoples’ problems.

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