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Leadership training that’s actionable, challenging, and about to change everything.

DCE leadership training integrates business and psychology to help organizations address invisible and structural barriers to achieving their goals.

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You: A New Beginning

A self-paced facilitation for individuals and leaders looking to realign their life and career, but uncertain of their next steps.

The Possibility Heatmap

Our transformational system that empowers business owners to diagnose their business, identify systemic solutions and put an action plan into place.

Systems Overhaul

For businesses seeking team engagement with actionable, bite-sized tools and learning experiences. Together we create a custom strategy that allows everyone’s talents to shine. 

For Businesses

The Possibility Heatmap

Through our signature “Possibility Process”, we show leaders how to use self-awareness, communication and collaboration to diagnose the root problem and identify systemic solutions. Then, we create a blueprint with bite-sized steps that are most relevant to your business. The result? Quick wins now and compounding benefits later.

Applications are open for our Spring 2024 cohort!

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Systems Overhaul

We work directly with you and your team in a co-creation process over 6, 12 or 24 months. The result is a systems-oriented company with heart and collaboration, and structures that enable your team to execute ideas quickly and effectively.  It’s about consistency: small actions, taken week after week turn into BIG changes in performance and attitude throughout the team.   We are currently at capacity for this offering, but feel free to join the waitlist and we’ll be in touch when new client spaces open up.

Note: Our Leadership Programs can be challenging and heart-opening. That’s why all participants commit to our Code of Honor & Conditions of Readiness. It’s a reminder to you of why you began this journey. It’s a reminder of how important it is to keep going.

“I let go of habits that inhibited growth of my business and now I see the world through different eyes – opportunities! I have a new ability to implement and finance my expansion. I have never thought like this before.

– John, DCE Participant

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For Individuals

A New You: The Discovery Process

It’s hard to rise above the external noise telling us who we should be and what we should do. How do we even know what makes our heart sing if we can’t hear it?

The Discovery Process Mini-Course is your chance to get quiet and finally acknowledge your truest voice. Through this heart and mind-opening facilitation, you’ll reclaim everything you need to realign your life and career to what is most authentically you. Success and fulfillment come naturally when you’re operating from a place of intuition and self-knowledge.

For Community Economic Developers

Action Research

Resilience comes from having the tools to adapt to new realities. With the right tools, virtually any desired outcome is achievable. Imagine equipping entire communities with the tools to take action on their goals. Imagine the resilience.  

Action Research is an opportunity for Community Economic Developers to foster systems-thinking among business leaders and their teams. Systems-thinking gives people the tools to build lasting, internal structures for better business outcomes. Empowered with the ability to envision and execute, businesses can finally go after what matters most to them: financial growth, service impact, and work-life balance. 

Participants walk away with a mindset shift that extends outside the office. Seeing life through systems-thinking fosters a kinder, more empathetic approach to relationships of all kinds, including interactions with strangers. There is a ripple effect in systems-thinking transformation. We’re here to instill and track its impact.

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This program is a fit for your next initiative if you seek:

  • Credible, evidence-based facilitations 
  • Inclusiveness and diversity as priority
  • Measurable, trackable community-wide outcomes 
  • A prequalified vendor to Canada’s ProServices and Ariba procurement systems 

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