About the Discovery Centre for Entrepreneurship

Since founding DCE in 1996, Tana Plewes, MA, and her facilitators have helped hundreds of organizations, including nonprofits, economic development groups, and startups, streamline processes, discover new revenue streams, align company culture, and make legacy-making breakthroughs in their industries.

And we do it all with systems.

What we do:

Systems-Based Leadership Consulting

Systems are structures to hold desired outcomes in place.

It’s easy to imagine what you want: more wealth, more time for what you love, and more wins. But imagining how to get there? Not so easy. That’s where systems come into play. 

By learning to think in a systems mindset, you can anticipate future needs and respond decisively and effectively in real-time. You’ll understand how departments, people, technology, and processes interact and affect each other. 

And most importantly, you set the course for success and bring everyone on your team on board with their momentum for shared targets. 

When your business has a foundation of effective systems, it’s easy to be visionary and excited about your future.

Get tangible results

  • Streamline sales cycles & end-to-end workflows
  • Identify new revenue pathways
  • Redefine your direction
  • Increase staff trust and autonomy
  • Get comfortable delegating
  • Rev up productivity
  • Strengthen company culture
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Who we work with:

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Established Family Businesses

We help family business owners with 10-150 employees engage their management team in transforming stress and overwhelm into a business that’s balanced and blueprinted, ready for growth, sale or succession.

Community Organizations

The DCE also provides meaningful data to support the work of Regional Economic Development Organizations.  We partner with these organizations through ongoing needs assessments, initiative planning and outcomes monitoring.

Our work facilitates:

  • Promoting economic growth
  • Attracting investments
  • Supporting small & medium enterprises
  • Workforce development
  • Networking & collaboration
  • Policy advocacy

Learn about the methods we use to gather data about local businesses to provide accurate and up-to-date information to our partners. Signing up for emails will give you valuable periodic insights to make informed policy decisions.

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