Conditions for Readiness

We’ve distilled key business principles into ten Conditions of Readiness to ensure our clients and vendors avoid or escape the self-employment trap where cashflow crisis, overwhelm, and frustration often become the norm. Whether you already meet Discovery Centre for Entrepreneurship’s Conditions of Readiness, or you have some work ahead in preparing your business for growth and success, it’s important to have a clear vision of where you’re going and why. Does the following ring true for you?
Experience has indicated to you that anything is possible…and you want to test the upper limits of this theory with your creation.

You know in your heart you have an operational role to play in calling forth a new reality, a new economy; one that honours People, Performance, Profit, and Planet. Like the four tires on your car, you understand it’s damaging to continue driving on a flat tire!

You share and embody our beliefs that:

  • Entrepreneurs create jobs and, with effective leadership, hold the power to transform their communities.
  • Business leaders who spur economic growth are applying a learnable system, and you want the formula!
  • Wealth creation can be values-centric: kind to people, financially responsible, and operate in harmony with nature.
  • Learning in a supportive environment with co-workers and peers can turn struggling employees to valuable team players, elevate business owners into world-class entrepreneurs, and uplift communities to become economic powerhouses.
  • Conscious leadership fosters a soul-nurturing culture and opens pathways to possibility for people and organizations.

You have built a scalable business and learned how to build an enterprise with the capability to handle a growing workload with no significant drop in performance, effectiveness or reliability. If you have not yet built a scalable business, you are willing to design the architecture within your current enterprise within the next 8-12 months.

You have a growth mindset. As a leader your commitment is to learn and grow in relationship to others through consistent action, open feedback, and regular course corrections in order to increase the size and scope of your impact beyond anything you can accomplish independently.

You have systemized your knowledge and expertise. Instead of being “the one” who does it all, you’ve created a set of detailed methods, procedures, distinctions or routines that enable other people to carry out specific activities, perform duties, or solve problems in ways that you yourself have truly mastered in business.

You are emotionally mature. You have a well-developed ability to identify, objectively assess, and positively influence your feelings as well as those of your clients, employees, suppliers, and lenders.

You are ready to implement your business solutions within a specific regional or sector-specific market, or enter the International business stage…whatever is the next right action for you to take.

You are determined to continually improve your systems and processes to evolve the work you do with your clients, employees, suppliers and stakeholders. 

You are willing to raise your game, make bold promises about what your systemic solutions can do for others, and operate consistent with Discovery Centre for Entrepreneurship’s Code of Honour.

If you already meet these Conditions of Readiness, CONGRATULATIONS!

We’d like to learn more about your products, programs, or services–especially if your offerings help other entrepreneurs grow successful businesses. If our values and operating principles align, perhaps it’s time we get to know one another and see if we can “discover” the brilliance of your business model and help facilitate its growth!

Take a close look at the Code of Honour and let’s have a conversation.

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