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“I’m on a mission to rehumanize business systems.”
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About Tana

Tana Plewes, MA, is an author, systems analyst, and sought-after business coach. As the founder of The Discovery Centre for Entrepreneurship, she has facilitated systems-thinking teachings for over thirty years. Business leaders and subject matter experts work with Tana to uncover patterns and systems in places where others may not think to look. By combining business with psychology, Tana hones in on the underlying causes, not symptoms, of operational dysfunction and aids teams in building a way forward together. Tana earned her Master of Arts in Leadership at the Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC. She holds a Professional Certificate in Advanced Facilitation Practices, along with additional certifications in human research and facilitation, and mariner training as a Certified Able Bodied Seaman, from a bygone era skippering a boat in the Pacific Northwest. She is a student and friend of renowned small business expert Michael E. Gerber, author of The E-Myth.

I believe everyone has a sourceful intention in life. Mine is to empower people to fulfill their dreams.

Your Business Transformation Consultant

Tana values significant life experiences like pearls on a string, each marking a stage of development and growth. Using her systems-thinking mind to perceive moments in her life in layers, Tana has made meaningful connections that inform her work, including in her book, The Possibility Process: A Proven Method to Achieve Breakthrough Business Results.

With every client relationship, Tana seeks to build a trusting, safe environment where every participant feels seen and understood. Her programs pulse with engagement because everyone is empowered to contribute, knowing their input will be thoughtfully considered.

As a participant once said of Tana: “She has the qualifications to find the best in any one. She can see right through the barriers that stop us from living our dreams.”

Tana's Book: The Possibility Process

The Possibility Process: A Proven Method to Achieve Breakthrough Business Results delivers a refreshing new vision that changes the game when it comes to leading people and producing optimal outcomes in business. Tana Plewes provides tools to overcome blockages and create systems that serve your business, and everyone who is impacted by it, far into the future. Systems leadership is a cost-effective solution to operational problems that offer compounding benefits over time. It’s the missing ingredient in businesses that struggle to get ahead, innovate, and grow.

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