The DCE Code of Honour

Our Code of Honour defines how we work as individuals and as a team. It’s a personal commitment of how we ‘show up’ in the world—even when no one is watching or when facing tough challenges. In fact, the Code of Honour extends to Discovery Centre for Entrepreneurship’s delivery partners, licensed facilitators, and the clients who engage us to work with their organizations.  It’s a tool we use to hold one another accountable for being our best…and doing our best work. No political posturing, game playing or wasting each others time. This tool helps all parties determine if the business relationship will be a good fit. 

Code of Honour — Part 1

Brené Brown and DCE’s Senior Consultant, Tana Plewes

The first part of our honour code was inspired by bestselling author, Brené Brown’s, BRAVING checklist. Brown uses the acronym BRAVING to describe the seven elements of trust that emerged from her research as both useful in trusting others and trusting ourselves.

Dan Ariely’s research in the field of Behavioural Economics demonstrates the profound impact adopting a Code of Honour can have on people’s behaviour and the bottom line of a business. It’s a small thing that makes a BIG difference on many levels.

The BRAVING checklist is from the book RISING STRONG by Brené Brown. Copyright © 2015 by Brené Brown.

Code of Honour — Part 2

The second part of the Code of Honour is a co-creation based on the specific needs of your team and desired outcomes for your business. In most cases, what’s missing is a strategic operational plan and framework for implementing it. However, your Customer Agreement defines the nature and scope of tactical and strategic work to be done in your workplace. The systems and processes we create together for your company can be ‘white labeled’ for your business and are guaranteed to accelerate team learning, enhance performance, and worker satisfaction. Effectiveness enhances customer service, company reputation, and ultimately increases the value of your business. The resulting new business systems become Intellectual Property assets of your business.

Have a closer look at the Code of Honour and let’s have a conversation. If you are so inspired, I invite you to take the pledge today. Research has shown it makes a difference to how we show up for one another. 

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