Transformation Readiness Quiz

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Family businesses face unique operational challenges as a result of human dynamics—among both family and non-family members. The consequence of initiating a difficult or sensitive conversation, and having it end poorly, is significantly riskier for business owners, managers, and employees in a family business environment. Sadly, the longer the symptoms are allowed to go on, the worse the situation gets for everyone involved. This is one time when the cliché “silence is deadly” is a truism. 

My name is Tana Plewes. I’m the Senior Advisor here. I’m going to help you assess your needs and identify actionable solutions. I promise you will gain valuable insights about your situation by completing this needs assessment. You are under no obligation to work with us–and I have to warn you, our customers will tell you we’re pretty great at what we do!  This survey aims to provide you valuable insights into your situation and helps us better serve your needs and support you in your growth journey. Your responses are confidential. You will be asked for your name and email address so we can share the results with you. Shall we continue?

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