The Possibility Process is an introspective breakthrough business book for those seeking answers on why their growth may be stalling. Tana teaches how effective systems leadership results in happy stakeholders, resulting in growing and pro table operations. Highly recommend!” 

IT’S NOT YOU—IT’S YOUR SYSTEMS… In business, your SYSTEMS affect your OUTCOMES. is book gives you X-ray vision into which systems are working effectively and which need improvement to take your business to the next level.

Cool absence of emotion is the prevailing ethic in business. Workplaces value compliance over creativity and leave feelings out of the equation. It’s not working. At the root of most operational headaches are people issues: recruitment, engagement, performance, and retention. These aren’t people issues at all—they are system gaps. It’s obvious we need a new way of understanding how to lead and interact with others to bring out their best and address these gaps once and for all.

The Possibility Process: A Proven Method to Achieve Breakthrough Business Results delivers a refreshing new vision that changes the game when it comes to leading people and producing optimal outcomes in business. Tana Plewes provides tools to overcome blockages and create systems that serve your business, and everyone who is impacted by it, far into the future. Systems leadership is a cost-effective solution to operational problems that offer compounding benefits over time. It’s the missing ingredient in businesses that struggle to get ahead, innovate, and grow.

"The best that can be said about a truly great book is that its lessons were learned on the street. They call it 'Street Smarts.' I call it 'Well Done!' Congratulations to Tana Plewes! A must read for anyone who’s ready for great lessons from the street!"

Tana Plewes, MA, is a systems analyst and business coach with a unique ability to overcome barriers that leave others stopped. Passionate, dedicated, and thorough, Tana has a keen eye for systems and patterns where most people don’t think to look. She is CEO of Discovery Centre for Entrepreneurship, a leadership development academy helping entrepreneurs catapult their individual and organizational performance through simple and understandable systems design.

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