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DCE: An Effective Development Partner

Our programs primarily focus on delivering workshops and ongoing mentorship for family-owned businesses by implementing Systems-Based Leadership methodologies. At the same time, we provide reliable quantitative and qualitative data to support the work of Regional Economic Development Organizations. We partner with these organizations through ongoing needs assessments, initiative planning and outcomes monitoring.

Why there is a need for collaboration and partnership:

In the synopsis of their report “The Economic Impact of Family-Owned Enterprises in Canada (September 10, 2019)” the Conference Board of Canada, stated that…

The analysis [...] shows data gaps remain the biggest challenge for further research. More in-depth information on topics such as family trusts and family firm governance must be developed and made available to allow for a greater understanding of the family enterprise landscape in Canada. Given demographic trends and the looming succession of many family enterprises, the data gaps in our understanding of this important part of the economy are worrying.

The work of the DCE facilitates:

  • DCE’s work invigorates local businesses and stimulates demand from local suppliers and vendors. As well as increasing direct and indirect employment. This economic growth attracts new businesses, encourages entrepreneurship, and supports expanding existing businesses.
  • Working with DCE the Regional Economic Development Agencies can demonstrate “on-the-ground proof” of a strong local economy to attract investments from both domestic and foreign sources. Combined with local and regional incentives the agency can lure more businesses into the region.
  • Regional development agencies provide vital support and resources to SMEs — the backbone of many economies and communities. DCE’s business training and mentoring is a critical connection between SMEs and these institutions including access to funding, growth into other markets and networking opportunities.
  • DCE provides critical training to position the SME to grow and evolve. The transformed SME is better positioned to value skills development internally and in hiring for higher-level positions. DCE’s impact supports the agencies’ work to modernize and enhance the skills and employability of the local workforce. 
  • DCE’s work strengthens local SMEs. These businesses and their employees are more likely to become a dynamic presence in the local economy. Engaged leaders pursue collaboration and partnerships that will lead to new business opportunities and a more vibrant regional economy.
  • DCE provides quantitative data and qualitative case studies that analyze the challenges facing local SMEs. Through DCE’s programs, business owners are trained in Systems-Based Leadership which allows them to develop solutions that are a match for their particular industry and regional economic circumstances. DCE collects this intelligence and structures it for meaningful knowledge transfer in collaboration with the local agencies. DCE supports the agency to effectively advocate for policies that support economic development within the region. 

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